Join our youth book club where young readers can come together to discuss and explore literature with a focus on faith and values. Our book club is open to all youth, ages 15-18, who are interested in reading and engaging in meaningful conversations with their peers.

Each month, we will select a new book to read, ranging from contemporary fiction to classic literature. Our selections will emphasize themes of morality, kindness, and empathy. Members will have the opportunity to share their thoughts, questions, and insights during our monthly meetings, which will be held virtually on the last Saturday of each month.

Our book club aims to foster a love of reading while also providing a space for young readers to grow in their faith and understanding of the world around them. We hope that our discussions will not only deepen our understanding of the books we read, but also challenge us to reflect on our own beliefs and actions.

Come join us on this literary journey and connect with other young readers who share your passion for books and faith!

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