How to Defend Your Faith

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Join us for a Bible Study series focused on doubt and defending your faith. This study is designed to help individuals explore and understand the doubts they may have about their faith and equip them with the tools to defend and articulate their beliefs with confidence.

We will meet every Thursday evening for six weeks and delve into topics such as the existence of God, the problem of evil, and the reliability of the Bible. Our discussions will be grounded in Scripture and led by experienced leaders who are committed to helping individuals navigate their doubts and strengthen their faith.

This Bible Study is open to all who are seeking answers to tough questions and looking for ways to defend their faith in an increasingly skeptical world. Whether you are a longtime believer or someone who is just starting to explore the Christian faith, this study will provide you with a safe and supportive community where you can ask questions, share your thoughts, and grow in your understanding of God's truth.

We believe that God invites us to bring our doubts and questions to Him, and that through this study, we can deepen our relationship with Him and become better equipped to share our faith with others. So come join us as we explore the tough questions together and grow in our knowledge and understanding of God's Word.

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